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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  September 7, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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and now a young boy is in t hospital. a mountain lion coming out of the woods and into human territory. now a young boy is in the hospital. good evening. this 6-year-old boy was attacked while at a winery in santa clara county this afternoon. kpix5 reporter juliette goodrich is live at the open space reserve where the officials are looking for the animal right now, juliet? >> the search is on now for that mountain lion. the parents had to fight off of mountain lie en. he was attacked a mile down
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this hiking trail. we are at the open space. they were awaiting search dogs but i can tell you they just arrived. the search doings and a federal trapper and the search for this mountain lion will begin now. travis jearad explains the boy's parents had to fight off the mountain lion. this little boy was attacked while walking down the trail. >> somewhat dragged through part of the brush. multiple family members came to his aid. fought off the attacking mountain lion and the boy was transferred to a local medical facility where he is at right now. just to give you the lay of the land here, this is the winery here. this is really at the base of this hiking trail and it is
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very populated here in the afternoon. there were families and children and all of them were warned about this mountain lion attack. , and as i said, the sheriff deputies were here. they closed off the trail here, here at the winery where it is really populated this afternoon. everyone since then left. because it is closing hours but they all knew about these warnings, ann? >> how rare is it that someone is attacked by a mountain lion? >> reporter: i asked that question, because it is typical to go hiking with your family on a sunday in these beautiful trails here, rest assured they say it is extremely rare. they say there are a lot of sightings but they have not had an attack like this or heard of this in years. >> that is rea curing. all right, thank you. speaking of the other sightings, mountain lions have been spotted out of their habitat recently just last month. three mountain lions were spotted. the authorities warned to stay
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away. if you see one and don't run, face the animal, make noise and try to look big by waving your arms. >> hope it works. this morning a i man to the rescue saving his neighbor from a burning home. a woman who only wants to be known as linda was sleeping last night when the alarm started. then she heard her neighbor pounding on her door and yelling. >> they could of gotten bad. i just -- i can not tell you how grateful i am for him. thank you, joey. i love you. [ laughter ] >> firefighters say there is no smoke alarm in the house. the investigators say an electric problem in a clothes drier, that is part of the reason for a house fire, started this one. most of the $10,000 worth of damage is to the garage. an autistic 6-year-old boy from san jose has been found and reunited with his family. sergio wondered away from his home yesterday. the police and family spent the
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entire day away from his home and he ended up at a homeless camp. the people took care of sergio and one of the men called the police. >> well, you know, the child stumbled upon a homeless encampment and did the right thing, obviously. provided shelter for the child. he and a group of people that were there. they called and then of course, you know, stayed with the child until the officers got there. >> he was take tonight hospital and checked out. he was returned and reunited with his family. he is said to be fine. immigration reform was going nowhere in washington even before president barack obama announced he was not going to use executive action before the midterm election. >> that has not settled the debait. kpix5 reports it is causing disagreement within the president's own party. >> reporter: extreme politicalization that is what president barack obama says is for his delayed reaction.
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>> he does not want to be held accountable in the midterm elections for an action that is unpopular. >> reporter: there is an agreement on one fact. >> the country will be better off if we have an immigration system that works. >> reporter: that it was evident this weekend even among democrats. some say he should not take executive action at all. >> the way it should be done is legislatively. everything else will be challenged and not nearly the bill that is actually needed to solve the problems. >> others -- >> i think we need to take action now. >> reporter: urging the president to make a move. the president has been mulling the deportation relief in the immigrants and sending more security resources to the border. he just does not want to do it before november's election when they hold on the senate could be threatened. >> he is going to pay a price from the republican regardless. never going to bring them on board. he is on the right side of the issue. the democrats are on the right
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side of it this issue. >> the senate passed a bill. all of the house would have to do is pass one part of that bill. we can conference it, work out the differences, and we would have an immigration bill that would be strong. >> so far the republican led house has refused to take up that bill. >> if the president takes executive action he will make achieving that, not easy. even harder. >> reporter: the white house says we can expect the president to take aobgz this issue before the end of the year. in the news room, back to you. -- take action on this issue before the end of the year in the news room, back to you. someone else other than the raiders are eyeing the land over the coliseum. alameda county was picking up prime real estate yesterday. the land is across the way at what used to be the zone technology campus. the county wants to put some of the officers there and how it
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fits in oakland's grand coliseum plan remains to be seen. a car fire snarled up traffic this afternoon. you can see all of the smoke filling the air. no word on what happened to the driver of the car. and, by the way, water has been restored to a redwood city complex after a water main break. crews finished repairs by early afternoon. the broken pipe under 2nd avenue is reported 7:30 in the morning. water service was shut off to people in the area while the pipe was being fixed and nobody knows exactly why the pipe broke. president barack obama saying he now has a plan to defeat isis. he is going to let the american public know about it what the strategy will be revealed. the disturbing e-mails that atlanta hawks owner admitted to sending out. a gorgeous sunday sets the stage for a few changes this week. we are looking live from the
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tallest building in san francisco. towards the will go engate. the forecast coming up after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after one thing he did not have a -- after saying he did not have a strategy against isis now the president says he
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has a plan. the militant group has ravaged a plan in iraq. it released the video of the beheadings of two journalists. they plan to most on tuesday at the white house and lay out the strategy for the american people on wednesday. wednesday is the eve of the anniversary of september 11th attacks. >> one day i want the american people understand the nature of the threat and how to deal with it and confidence we will be able to deal with it. >> the military has been hitting with targeted air strikes. those who attended joan rivers funeral say she would of loved the star-studded send off. >> reporter: whoopi, donald trump, barbara walters, countless of others that were there to say good-bye to the legendary comedian. the service was a private event. fans lined up across theistry
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to say good-bye. when leaving her mother's apartment she said her years with her mom were amazing. the state health department is investigate figure it is a case of pal practice. there is no criminal investigation underway. atlanta hawks owner, brew levenston is losing his franchise because of an e-mail he admits contains inappropriate and offensive comments. some of the comments include racist speculation of why attendance was down. you can read it there. it comes months after former l.a. clippers owner made racist remarks and was banned from the nba for life. well, cooks in need. how your kills in the kitchen could make you a hot commodity in san francisco's restaurants. plus, your chance to get a piece of the stick. but if you see something that you like. you should know the warning going out to bidders ,,,,,,,,,,
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"the stick" this wednesday bidding begins on just about everything lef well, it is your chance to get a piece of the stick. this wednesday, bidding will begin on just about everying that is left inside of candlestick park. we are talking kitchen equipment and more. it will all be auctioned off on- line. the winner has to cover the cost of the removal of the item from the stadium. all of the proceeds will benefit the great charity, the city of san francisco. [ laughter ] >> oh. can not wait to help. help wanted, by the way. sanfrancisco restaurants are in the need of cooks. >> the high price of the city is causing people to two to oakland or other states. now, mark kelly tells us one
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san francisco restaurant is stirring up ideas to fix the cook shortage. >> reporter: inside of this restaurant. the atmosphere is trending. but, the chef is honest, climbing the ladder is not glitzy. >> eventually it can be, it is not a glamorous life. >> reporter: he trying to build his kitchen team but you it is not easy. three years ago a job posting here could land 10 people on day 1 alone. today, he is fortunate to get one or two. and even more luck tow get them to commit long-term to pricey san francisco. >> it is the process of hiring that person and investing training and all of that and they leave because they are not able to live or afford the lifestyle. it makes it challenging. >> reporter: according to the bureau of labor statistics, cooks in san francisco earn an average wage just shy of 29 29,000 a year. at san francisco cook --
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$29,000. >> here, people are thinking out of the box. writing about food, too. finding a way to live in the city. >> reporter: students that graduate and work in restaurant fist they really want to live in the city, we often find they supplement that income by doing something else. >> reporter: to lure qualified cooks, they are looking for perks from paying for public transit, affordable housing, even higher pay for cooks. many commute from across the bay. >> you have to. b.a.r.t ends at midnight. you are a young cook working at a restaurant you are not getting off before midnight. you have to think about the opportunity of what -- of what a job in the city might provide for you. >> reporter: a cook-'s life has been a challenge. he says san francisco's crazy cost of living is just one more hurdle when concors makes the reward even sweeter. >> greater appreciation for everything when it comes to it. when you put that time in,
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learn the craft. you do it the right way. that is really what being a chef is all about. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> the advantage for cooks, call it a cook's market. since there is a shortage you can figure out a way to make ends meet the work is there. well, today, we got a beautiful evening under way with mostly sunny skies around the bay area. just a few patches of fog, low clouds at the shoreline. a lovely sunset tonight. things will be warming up this week. we will be looking at the golden gate bridge, traffic going smoothly in both directions, concord, 83 degrees, oakland, 69 in the city, only 64 in san skwroes a72 right now. very pleasant up in sonoma -- san jose at 72 right now. very pleasant up in sonoma. up in the north bay, out of santa rosa, napa, 14 miles an hour is the wind. windy tonight, aside from that,
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nice. fair skies around the bay. inland, clear by 8:00. 69 degrees if you are heading out, it will be a pleasant sunday evening. well, there is the fly in the ointment of our forecast with this low spinning off the peninsula. but they have as much as six inches of rain in the past 24 hours. paralleling the coast. the moisture, already. the lawn sprinkler. swirls around like this. bands of moisture out. you can see they picked up heavy showers around riverside county today. a couple of inches of rain. that is all it takes in the desert to produce flash floods in a place not used to getting rain at all. high pressure over four corners, for us, we got low clouds that'll move back in overnight tonight. look at the high clouds at the bottom of your screen. that is the the farthest northern point moving in to northern california. does not look like we will be hit by this. my dad will see high clouds
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over head. that is about it. time lapse continues tomorrow, mostly clear skies, and fairly nice day underway for monday for the bay area. >> now, to sum it up, a few clouds, favoring the south bay. warm inland. cool along the shoreline. back in the low range. now, 59 degrees up there. for us, looking at 76 degrees in san jose. 66 in the city. out on the east bay, middle 80s tomorrow. it will warm another 5 degrees by wednesday. 72 at santa rosa. 79 for napa. extended forecast. we will slowly apply heat and reach the 90 degree range by wednesday, thursday, friday. latter half of the weekend, latter half of the week and then saturday, sunday, looking at numbers cooling down a bit. for the first time in awhile, a warming trend in the bay area. we will have to wait a couple of days for it. >> a lot of people are on social media talking about the raiders new quarterback.
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>> it was a mixed bag. as long as you are patient i think they have a good quarterback. he showed good things. how did the rookie do in his raider debut. kick off is next ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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49ers as they kicked off the season in dallas was the te would play with the absencef defens the biggest question mark
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regarding the 49ers as they kicked off their season. how will the team play in you can mark it off of the list. fans in dallas ran out as fast as the others ran in. now, on the third snap for dallas, strips the ball away from murray. now, chris picks up the loose ball, he is in for the touchdown. coliver would leave the game with a concussion, in the first, a quick drive down the field ends, a 49 yard pass from [ kaepernick. he holds on. kaepernick, 16-23, 201 yards. after a tony romo interception, now, 21-3 after 5 plays on offense. it was a brutal day for tony romo who had back season in the off season. flushed out, gets a floater. there is willis, kicks it off.
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over by halftime, really. now, the touchdown, 49ers, first career score, 28-3. sanfrancisco at the break. they would win 28-17. jim harbough has not lost a opener as a 49er coach. last win came in 2009 in new york when a fellow named bradkowski was on the team. now, facing the jets, first quarter, jets side year receiver, there is wilson. he is 37 years old, still a playmaker. that gave carr a short field, 3rd drown, going for underneath, touchdown, raiders. his first career touchdown. 7-3 oakland. and right before the half, the jets hit right back. smith shoveled it to johnson. now, watch todd.
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inches away from batting it down. forced the incompletion. holding the raiders rushing attack to 25 total yards. now, he got jones, drawing to pop it up, hitting his foot, it went back to the quarterback, carr somehow. nos did aster there. the defense, bent, did not break. now, in the 3rd quarter, smith fumbles the ball. recovering it. kicks the field goal. now, 4th quarter, defense, finally does break. it is chris, avoiding the tackles, 71 yards for the touchdown. the jets win 19-14. they outgained oakland by 244 yards. 20 of 32 for 151 yards in his debut. >> this is not my first loss. this is not my first time losing a game. not my first time dealing with adversity. every time, you know, you can put it all on me. i am going to work my tail off and go in and fix these things.
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>> 4yards to 150. you know, that should not have been this way. should have been the way i thought it was going to be. where we handle our business. again, it got -- it got close for comfort there. >> williams, not close for comfort here. first set, serene a overpowers it. a backhand, setting up an easy winner at the net. taking the first one, 6-3. more of the same in the second set. now, on the run again. setting up another winner from serene a. she wins in straight sets to become the first player as everett in the middle 70s to win 3 straight u.s. open titles. ties everett with 18 career sets. now, trying not to let the american league west slip away. they are up 2-1. now f it is fair, it is gone. tell it good-bye.
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two-runs shot. the a's have a 3-2 lead. bringing cook to close it out in the 9th. he walked the bases loaded. so, getting out of the jam. the first pitch, now, jake, getting the sacrificed fly. to score tkpwopz gonzalez. this is a tough one to swallow. he walked dexter. scoring a game-winning run. after which, 4-3. that ends the losing streak, by the way. oakland, 7 back in the west. earthquakes looking to avoid to get shot down by the timbers in portland. tied in the 85th minute. chris, scoring on the header. san jose at a 3-2 lead. portland scoring a minute later. the game ended in a 3-3 draw. >> wow. >> all right, dennis, thank you very much. and, thank you for joining us at 5:30. >> we will be back here at 6:30.
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news updates always on ""cbs evening "-- "cbs evening news" is up next. >> good night ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> tonight a second stunner for the nba. the owner of the atlanta hawks says he will sell the team after receiving a racist e-mail. mark strassman is in atlanta. julianna goldman has details. friends and family say good-bye to joan rivers inside a manhattan temple as bagpipes play new york, new york, outside. and in the middle of a historic drought, terri okita says many are homeowners in the west coast are turning to brown lawns. >> this is captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news."


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